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The Learning Bible, New International Version (Hardcover)
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The Learning Bible, New International Version (Hardcover)
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With over 10,000 in-text notes from everything from geography to culture, The Learning Bible, New International Version (Hardcover) is a NIV Bible that takes the Bible experience to a higher level!

500 colorful pictures and illustrations also add to the fun of reading this great NIV Bible!  And with the durable hardcover binding this Bible will give you years of steadfast service.

Complete New International Version (NIV)

Over 500 Color Illustrations, Pictures, and Fine Art Images

10,000 in-text notes

Helps on Geography, History, Culture, People, and Ideas

Background articles on key characters and concepts


Book introductions

Maps, charts, and timelines

Size: 7" x 9.25" x 2.25"


Item Details:
Version: New International Version
Bible Portion: Complete
Binding/Format: Hardcover
Thumb-Indexed: No
Edge Gild: No
Red Letter: No
Concordance: No
Publisher: American Bible Society
Publication Date: May 1, 2003
ISBN: 1585166812
Font/Type Size:  
Pages: 2,499
Size (WxLxH): 7.2" x 9.66" x 2.46"

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