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Quest Study Bible Revised NIV Navy Blue Bonded Leather Indexed
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Quest Study Bible Revised NIV Navy Blue Bonded Leather Indexed
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The Quest Study Bible Revised NIV (Navy Blue Bonded Leather Indexed) contains a wealth of information in the form of over 7,000 Questions and Answers covering topics such as history, textual variance, and how the Biblical lessons affect our lives! 

Designed and created by the editors of Christianity Today International and over 100 respected Bible scholars and pastors from around the globe, This Quest Study Bible has been updated with 100 new articles and 800 new side-column notes formatted as questions and answers.

Other new features include color verse numbers for verses with questions answered in the side column, an article index, plus an expanded subject index that categorizes all articles and side-column notes.

Makes a wonderful gift!  (Custom Imprinting Now Available)

Complete New International Version (NIV)

Nearly 7,000 side-column Questions and Answers (800 new)

Answers basic textual, historical, and theological questions

Verse numbers in color to indicate a Question and Answer on that verse

Over 350 Articles (100 new)

New article index

Expanded subject index

Book Introductions


Over 150 two-color in-text charts, timelines, and maps

Scripture Link cross references

Small in-text letter "D" after words with definitions in the dictionary



16-page full-color map section

New 7-page full-color timeline section

Reading plans

Presentation page

Single-column format

Two-color design throughout

9-point type

Item Details:
Version: New International Version
Bible Portion: Complete
Binding/Format: Black Top Grain Leather
Thumb-Indexed: No
Edge Gild: Gold
Reference Location: Side
Red Letter: No
Concordance: Yes
Publisher: Zondervan Publishing Company
Publication Date: February 2003
ISBN: 0310928087
Font/Type Size: 9 Point
Pages: 1,984
Size (WxLxH): 7.1" x 10" x 1.8"

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