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Bibletoons: Rock A Bye Christmas
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Bibletoons: Rock A Bye Christmas
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With just a few days remaining before Christmas, the town of Rocky Ridge is bustling with busy shoppers as Chip, Gem and the band rehearse little nuggets for the Christmas Eve play. But who will play the part of baby Jesus?

The answer to this and the amazing story of Nana Rock-a-Bye and Little Star are told in this wonder-filled musical tale that reminds young and old of the true meaning of Christmas! Running time: Approximately 50 minutes. Recommended for ages 5 to 10.


Bonus Features:

  • 3 animated BibleToons ™ songs featuring pure NIV Scripture lyrics: "For To Us a Child is Born" (Isaiah 9:6), "Good News!"(Luke 2:10, 11,14), and "The Shepherds Returned" (Luke 2:2)
  • 3 BibleToons™ Christmas songs performed by the God Rocks! and children's choir: "No Room for Them" (Luke 2:7), "Where Is the One"(Matthew 2:2, 11), and "He Will Be Great" (Luke 1:32, 33)
  • Plus a special performance: "Rock-a-Bye Christmas" Featuring 5-year-old Marina Felix
  • Digital Stereo
  • Widescreen
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Format: DVD
Publisher: Integrity Music
Publication Date: Oct 20, 2006
UPC: 000768402115
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